Design Can Do @ Seoul / South Korea

In August 2012, Design Can Do launched its first workshop in Seoul with Seoul Design Foundation (SDF) as the partner for the event.

Seoul is not only a mega city but has a unique history of unprecedented fast development to be one of the world's top high tech cities. As a result, as much as it is a 24hr city that never goes to sleep with unrivaled dynamism it has its own problems. SDF has been making good use of Facebook and other online media to identify areas in need of improvement and to collect design solutions whilst including the people of Seoul in this conversation. To further this positive movement to more than just a conversation, Design Can Do has collaborated with SDF to select one of the ideas from their online-discussion to tackle in their first design workshop. The workshop was joined by a diverse range of experts as Maximizers and Catalysts who shared our can-do attitude.

You can now download the workshop booklet summarizing the process and outcomes of the DCD@Seoul Workshop and have a look at the final film of the event to give you an idea of the limitless energy that fuelled this event!

watch the full version