What is Design Can Do?

Design Can Do began with three designers who believed that design can make a difference for the better, and they started two initial objectives: one, to host social design workshops relevant to local environments around the world, and two, to use these workshops as a test bed for developing an evolving a toolkit with a manual so that others will join us in making the world a better place through design thinking.

We hope that participation in our workshop will ignite the hunger in others to set up such initiatives and open people’s eyes to the value of design thinking and fuel an interest in many others to come and join the conversation.

Design Can Do Workshop 6+30

Design Can Do workshop is about getting real people involved with experts and getting them to work together in a compressed timeframe, delivering results that are not only desirable but also feasible and viable. DCD workshop can turn solving wicked problems into a design thinking event celebrating the power of design.

Using the '6+30 manual and toolkit' we hope anyone can generate burst of ideas with a rich mix of stakeholders and beneficiaries together with people who want to make a difference in their local environment and society.

Design Can Do is planning to hold social design workshops annually in different global locations where designers and professionals can team up with users and experts to develop design solutions using local resources, with a continuous theme of showing the world what difference design can make.

Design Can Do Manual and Tool-kit

Design Can Do is developing a workshop ‘method’ to produce a DCD workshop manual and tool-kit that can be plugged and played for solving various problems and to publish and disseminate the results of the workshop with people around the world.

DCD is developing, not has developed, a toolkit and manual because we believe such project needs to be open to change and adaptation, and we are constantly looking for improvement after each workshop.

The workshop is to be composed with 6+30 participants, and is scheduled in 6+30 hours time frame.

In order to bring more professional participants, the workshop starts Friday evening with Orientation and Initiate, followed by Inspire, Distill, Ideate, Develop on Saturday and Disseminate on Sunday.

6 Catalysts + 30 Maximizers

We think that people taking part in the workshop should be more than just participants. With the mix of diverse expertise and enthusiasm they should be people who can 'Maximize' this workshop as an opportunity to generate new ideas and make a difference.

'Maximizers' need to be from a wide discipline of professions to ensure you get interesting yet practical and realistic results: Designers, Engineers, Business people, or others who are keen to participate and make a difference in their local community.

'Catalysts', experts on a theme, will be the link between organizers and the groups and the link between the groups through out the workshop.


Design Can Do will partner with leading professionals in academia, government, NGOs as well as other experts practicing in the relevant industry from a broad background of expertise and resources to hold successful conferences and expositions in addition to the workshop.

Potential Partners are: Local Government, Embassy, Relevant Local Organizations, Academic Partners, or Corporate sponsors.